Toronto Gourmet Office Coffee

Gourmet Office Coffee Perks up your Day

For Torontonians who start every morning with our favorite hot beverage, a great cup of delicious gourmet coffee can really kick your day off in the right direction. The enticing aroma and smooth taste of coffee seems to put us in a better mood, and the caffeine of course acts as a stimulant to get us started. Many people take coffee breaks just for this very reason during the day, but the experience can be somewhat marred by the cost of a gourmet beverage adding up over the week.

With office coffee delivery in Toronto, waiting in long lines are a thing of the past, allowing employees a few extra minutes to re-energize. Also buying the beverage in bulk like this reduces the cost per cup, making gourmet coffee for your employees as cost effective as sending them to the local fast food establishment.

No need to leave the office for your coffee break when the coffee service is brought in house. This service will set up the free machine, deliver the coffee and monitor usage so you never run out! Happy employees are productive employees! You don't have to worry about employees leaving the building for coffee when you are providing it for them. This leaves less likelihood that employees are late to arrive back from breaks, meaning they are back on task quicker. Also having coffee in the office means that you can provide this wonderful beverage throughout the work day as well! For the hardcore coffee drinkers this will be a welcome addition!

Options for Office Coffee

There are dozens of machines and subscription programs available in the Toronto area, how do you choose? The answer depends on the type of environment you're in and the expectations of the staff.

Single serve coffee makers have become the rage in recent years, with the ability to pop in a k-cup with one of hundreds of different choices. While they are convenient and versatile, they also tend to be more expensive and wasteful than other options. A commercial single cup brewer is required as the home-use ones aren't designed for large volumes of coffee. Not only that, but at $0.75 per cup or more, it adds up quickly.

Larger, in-house only environments work very well with a simple pot-coffee brewer like one by Bunn. Coffee is made in large enough quantities that multiple people can grab a cup whenever it's convenient for them, without worry about running out. Brewing in larger pots is often more economical and requires minimal training. Fresh-roasted coffees can be ordered and delivered on a regular basis, pre-ground and ready to be used in the brewer.

Finally, higher skilled workers (executives, engineers, financial services) may expect a higher end machine like an espresso maker. With models from large manufacturers like Delonghi and Saeco available, these espresso machines often work at a touch of a button, but have built-in functionality for making high-end drinks like lattes and cappuccinos using the steaming wand. These machines tend to be the most expensive, but the cost-per-serving is close to the pot-coffee. If it's an environment that entertains guests or customers, it may be worth investing in a higher-end machine.


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